Finished a Darius themed landing page

Suggestions please!

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Hi @jason4m5t

You could add a different color or alpha channel to the menu items.
Maybe more white space between abilities and items cards or sections. I would add some padding in the header as well.
Smaller paragraphs (no more than 60-70 characters, easier to read).
Better contrast between h2 text and background, and other text in the page. For example using this tool: AIM Contrast Checker
And line-height: 1.5 in the body it could help to make the whole page text easier to read too.
The input getting smaller is not a great user experience.
The footer probably better with the same aspect than the header.

Only my opinion, just take what help you, of course.

Well all those are small things, related mostly to design and users experience, you did a great job there!!

I hope this is what you wanted as feedback.
Happy coding and keep the good work Jason!! :ok_hand: :clap:

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