Finished Back End & Portfolio — Ready to Apply

Following my post from a few weeks ago, I have now completed the Dynamic Web Apps and after giving my portfolio a little more polish I believe I’m ready to begin applying for jobs.

My portfolio:

TL;DR — I just drove from Knoxville to San Francisco and finished the core projects in FCC and my portfolio and I’m now looking for a job as a React developer. I’m hoping to network in the local communities to find a job.

I’m currently in San Francisco and I am very keen on working here, or, possibly in Seattle. Also, each of my web apps is a React/Redux single-page application and I absolutely love working with React so I think my best strategy moving forward is to look for and find a position as a React developer on the front end.

I hope the FCC community (especially @P1xt and others I’ve corresponded with here and there) can provide some feedback on my projects and portfolio, as well as general advice moving forward. A note on my portfolio itself: I wanted to make a clean and straightforward personal site which gives the viewer all they need to know about me in a very concise way. So, that’s what I did, my portfolio page is essentially:

Who I am
What I’ve learned
What I’ve coded
How to contact/learn more about me

It’s hosted through GitHub Pages and I have done my best to optimize the file size of the images for each of my projects, but I’m aware they still tend to load a little slowly.

A note on my current situation & learning process: My original plan was going to have me begin looking for employment in Spring of next year. But let’s just say life gets in the way and I decided to accelerate everything forward a little. I am very confident in my skills and although I know I could continue to learn a lot more, I think I have learned enough at this point for an entry level position.

Also, if you take a look at my activity on GitHub, you will see a giant span of inactivity around August to October of this year. That marked my completion of the Data Viz Certificate and transition into watching MOOCs and reading books very heavily. I watched over 8 full semester courses and read about 10 books during this time. I definitely learned a TON from doing this and it served as a very usual supplement to FCC, however, my core knowledge and skills still come from the code I’ve written for the FCC projects.

Also a note on the non-profits: I still absolutely want to continue with FCC and contribute to the non-profit projects, but for the moment my focus has to become finding a job.

Now, here is my strategy for finding a job. Roughly in this order of priorities I am going to:

  • Practice, practice, practice my algorithm skills and JavaScript knowledge so I can smash the interviews.
  • Try to network in the local community here, e.g. by attending meetups, events, and really just trying to meet developers in any way I can.
  • Search for job posting very specific to my skill set (i.e. React and i.e. through AngelList) and apply selectively for these (that is to say I’m not going to just fire applications at every job posting I see).
  • Consider working with recruiters/hiring agencies (e.g. Triplebyte) which facilitate your introduction to companies (I would love to hear advice on this point if anyone has any).

Regarding my time frame, I definitely need to find a job sooner rather than later. However, I would like to achieve the best possible outcome for this situation and I know this may require a little patience. What I mean is, I don’t want to blindly accept the first offer I get. So, I’m willing to wait a little to accomplish my goal (within reason).


Looks great. The only thing I would say bothers me personally is the horizontal scrollbar at the bottom. It seems useless, but I’m not really sure if it’s of any use. At least I didn’t see any use for it. Either way, good job. The colors look pretty cool.

I am on desktop at the moment, so I don’t know if its like that on every device.

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First off, I am very impressed with your portfolio. You definitely put the time and effort on all of them (congrats especially on finishing the FCC Curriculum).

I don’t really have any advice to offer. However, I host FCC Meetup here in SF every Thursdays at Capital One Cafe. You are more than welcome to join us.

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Pretty amazing how much you have done. It kind of makes me want to keep working on my stuff but doing the react redux roguelike project got me too addicted to gamedev…

Like someone else mentioned I see a lot of projects with unnecessary scroll bars which might look bad to some people. You might also want to pin your best projects to your github rather than your older ones.

Yes! I am definitely planning on coming this week! I don’t know you were the host, that’s really awesome. I’ll look forward to meeting you and the group.

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Horizontal scrollbar on the portfolio page? I haven’t seen this so I’m not sure what’s going on. Some people have commented that styles look different on other devices they are using but it’s hard to deal with as I am typically using Chrome/Firefox and iOS to look at what I am working on and yet it still can look different on other devices. I guess that is just web development though, but I’m trying my best to correct things as they are mentioned.

Have you tried using this? It’s a nice reference to see what other devices look like

Nice! No, I haven’t seen that before. I’ve just been using Chrome’s responsive view tools to simulate other devices, but that site is really cool.

So briefly,

  • I think I’ve fixed the Charting Stocks bug which was due to if the length happens to be zero.
  • The CSS Zen Garden is for this project, which requires the code be submitted in a specific way from the template files: basically you are taking a set of HTML and styling it with CSS, the idea being to demonstrate how 1 HTML can be dramatically transformed by CSS. But the original HTML should be unchanged in your submission.
  • I’ll have to look into the GitHub sign in error. This has been working correctly for me so my first thought is it’s a problem with how I retrieve the email from the profile in the passport middleware. In fact, it is because I just looked at the heroku logs.
  • I’ll take a look at the Nightlife App as well.
  • About the code links, I tried to add links to code directly within most or all of the projects. I may have missed some but I tried to have a link to either CodePen or GitHub from within the project. But I agree that might be better as an option on the portfolio page itself.
  • The so-called hortizontal scroll-bar. I still can’t manage to see where this is coming from and have not seen it myself so I will try to take a look again later and find out.
  • Thank you about the notes app! I have actually been using it myself to keep notes on my projects and other things for several months now! It’s one of my favorite projects.

Thanks a lot for your review so far, very helpful.

It is caused by vw units - viewport includes scrollbar

Replace all your width: 100vw with width: 100%.

So I just updated the width in the CSS, hopefully this will be fixed now. Also, I’m noticing that I think not all browsers have the Avenir font I used so I think I will have to revisit the font to make it look better.

Yep, I will browse Google Fonts and re-do. I adjusted the GitHub passport for the book trading app so it may be corrected now.

where is the link to your 25 react apps? I saw it a long time ago before I learned react…>I’d like to see it again. Great portfolio and how is your job search?

Welcome to the Bay Area @bonham000 your portfolio looks great ive seen some of your work before, please keep us informed on your story, I would love to learn more :smile:

Here are the React apps

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& @AdventureBear

Thanks! My job search was intense but I’ve managed to be hired by an awesome company! In fact, last week was my first week and I am loving it so far. The Bay Area is very competitive but an awesome place to be if you’re interested in tech.


Congrats! @bonham000 I didnt know, did you share your story already? :champagne: :smile:

Thanks! And no, I have not officially shared my story anywhere yet. I will probably get around to that at some point but lately my time has been consumed by permanently relocating to SF and starting work! :airplane:

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