Finished - D3 Treemap

D3 Treemap - Best Selling Video Games

Any feedback is welcome.

I tried using D3 Plus to wrap the text within the treemap boxes, but I couldn’t get it work at all, so I just used my own text wrapping function instead.

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Looks good - yea, there’s no good way to get the whole title of some of the games to fit in a small box like that - - I could use some help with fonts and colors

For colors, I didn’t see any red or purple ones, and there are a few that are really similar, if that helps. The blue for PS3 made the text harder to read than the rest, but I don’t think I got that perfectly in my map either.

For my map, I tried to pick colors based on the console type and manufacturer. For example, green for XBox, and blue for Playstation. There were so many Nintendo consoles on there that I had to use multiple colors for them.

For fonts, I’m not sure what the problem is, but if you want you can browse Google Fonts and try out a font that looks nice and readable.