Finished/Done! - Responsive Web Design Projects - Build a Product Landing Page

Hi guys! :slight_smile: I just finished my product landing page. Any helpful comments and suggestion that will improved my style will be very much appreciated. Thank you.

Hi, This is very nice.
However, your About link doesn’t quite to the video, so I couldn’t see what it was about untll I linked to the packages.

I could see the About section and video once I physically scrolled down.

I think he’s not linking “about” with the video, he has another section there in the big gap with id #about-container and content in it, the problem is he set the color: #fff (white) in #about_left_container and #about_right_container which makes such content look “invisible”.

@KoniKodes des and @2alin thank you for your feedback guys… :slight_smile: i will take note on this…for now my codes are still messy but hopefully this will improved along the way… :slight_smile:

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Great work here, nice page and settings… I think U should set your ABOUT link right.