Finished Front-end Libraries Certification but Sass challenges tests not working

Hello everyone,

I finished the front-end libraries certification but the tests for some of the sass challenges are not passing though I’m sure the challenge is done. I think this is an issue with the site as mentioned in this github issue which is still open.

So what can I do to claim the certificate because I’ve finished all the other challenges?

The challenges that are failing:

An example a complete challenge where the tests fail:

The Sass challenges are not required for the certificates. Only the projects are required.

Thanks Ariel, in that case since I’ve finished all the projects, how do I apply for the certificate? I can’t see any prompts or links in the curriculum.

I got the front-end certificate in the old version of FCC but I don’t remember how since its been a while.

You claim the certificates on the settings page.

You da best, Ariel! :smiley:


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