Finished Frontend Cert, would appreciate feedback on my portfolio!

Hey guys, been lurking here for a little bit while I got through the Front End Certificate. Just after a little bit of feedback for my portfolio so far (and any of the projects on it if you feel like looking through them). A couple of things I want to do:

  • have some sort of tactile feedback when hovering over the project cards (e.g. have them pop out or something),
  • have each “page” be full-page/centered so that there isn’t any overlap of, say, About Me/Portfolio when you click on the navbar links (see

Any thoughts on how to do those things, and any feedback would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

hey @Caleb-Ellis I just checked out you portfolio. I noticed right away that all of projects have a unifying style. I like that and whether intentional or not I think is a good thing. I am new here about one month but have completed a few projects too. The portfolio I made is trash cuz I made it maybe day two coding ever. I have a degree in liberal arts i got ten years ago so I dont have any extra computer knowledge, although I was born in australia - perth- but have lived in the states since i was 4.
other things i noticed:

your tic tac toe is about as smart as mine is right now. i havent figured out minimax yet so my ai does a dumb routine i told it.

your page conveys hey i know what im doing

for tactile feeback maybe something subtle like a scale 1.2 or something…little more box shadow…border highlight…idk it looks good now and you have a unclutter approach to your design

all in all solid job though. im a beginner so i hate to be critical, but what about something you created that is not a free code camp project…something like that would give a unique touch and say hey i can come up with something all on my own.

have a good one.

@benjaminadk thanks for all the tips! The “unifying theme” is purely because I discovered something that looked kinda good and basically stuck with it hahaha. My original portfolio was also trash so I decided to come back to it after finishing all the front-end stuff, and I’m happy I did.

I ended up going with your approach, so on hover the portfolio cards have a slightly larger and hazier shadow and it increases in scale to 1.1. Pretty happy with it! I also tinkered with a couple of “full-page window” plugins but they came across a bit contrived, so scrapped it.

And yes, I agree about more non-FCC projects. They’re on the horizon! I’ve got like 4 super simple to-do apps in various frameworks, and a couple of machine learning python scripts but none are functional or visually appealing enough to go on the portfolio just yet. Soon, though… hopefully.

Thanks again!