Finished HTML and CSS today

Hello guys today I just finished my HTML and CSS course today I’m so proud of myself honestly I’ve been sleeping late spending most of my day reading I just finished my high school I did not qualify for computer science degree but I dream of becoming a software engineer one day. so that’s why I’m taking this course… this is just my first step I’m planning on taking JavaScript hey And Python in the next coming months … Let’s all keep grinding hard to achieve our dreams and when you’re about to give up just remember that it is darkest before dawn the stars shine the brightest during the darkest of night and sometimes to see the light we must let the darkness rule the night God bless you all… I am Brian from Africa Kenya​:heart::cat:‍:motorcycle:


Hi @yobrezikipkoech !

Congrats on finishing the responsive design course.
Have fun with javascript! :grinning:


Congratulation for reaching this great milestone! You are a step more near of reaching your goal.

Great to hear that you have a motivation at your age (many do not have one), trust yourself, have patience and keep going.


Congratulations! All the best

you’re doing well.
Keep it up mate!

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Hello, wow nice determination how is java script so far ?

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