Finished Javascript Calculator

comments , suggestions and feedback most welcomed

Make it pass the test. It failed immediately on the first test. Just playing with it, it seems to work fine, so you probably just have to update some id’s. Also, be careful using eval(), because any code you run through eval will be executed, which on the client-side isn’t too big of a big deal, and in this case, it’s perfectly safe, but if you use it on the server-side, there can be terrible consequences. So basically, after this project, it would probably be wise to never use it again.

  • Eric

If I type an operator and then a dot it doesn’t input “0 dot”, it inputs “0 dot dot”.
Also, the layout is not the standard layout for a calculator, at least in the US. Which makes it not user friendly. If your layout is standard in another location ignore this comment.

Thanks so much for your comments guys. Now working on it!