Finished my awesome quote machine, would love to have some feedback :)

hello campers

i just finished my random quote generator entry, you can check it out from here :

i wanted to change the background image according to each author, so i couldn’t use any third party API, instead, i created my own JSON file, hosted it on :slight_smile:

overall i liked my design very much considering this is the first time i ever create ‘something’ on the web, obviously, i am very biased , so i would appreciate any comments, suggestions, anything really :slight_smile:


Nice job, Amine!

I liked the layout, simple and beautiful. :slight_smile:

I have some suggestions for improvement for your site: In one of the sentences , the content is positioned on the author’s name (as picture below).

There is a little encoding problem also, as shown in the image below.

One more thing: you could use the same animation that you use in the text for the images. Sometimes, when the author changes, the image is modified instantly while the text gets the animation.

Congratulations again, your work is great!

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thanks a lot for the effort taken to review my entry :slight_smile:

I took care of both your suggestions, however about the image background, I couldn’t really do it because of how jquery animate works ( or at least that’s what the folks at StackOverflow said :stuck_out_tongue: ), I’m gonna try and figure out a workaround for this.

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Awesome work mate !!! hope you continue this superb creativity…
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thank you, what’s with that link though ?

Hi @amine-benselim,

Job done well.

Simple and impressive layout.

I too love to have minimalist design in my pens.