Finished my "Local Weather" Challenge. Or have i?

I have built my Local Weather Pen: Here it is.

Is it working? Do you see a backgound-image? How do you like it?

I would appreciate some feedback. :slight_smile:

It’s working! I like it, only two minor things: the font for the Celcius & Fahrenheit symbol are serif, but everything else is sans-serif.

Also, the wind speed is only available in km/h, and not mile/h.

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Thank you. I don’t have the font-problem. I have it all set to a google font called “lato”. Any Idea how I can fix that?
Definitely gonna add the mp/h option. Great idea.

Lato or lato?

And you should add fallback font:

Oh, I see ℃ & ℉ are individual unicode symbols (not a degree symbol followed by a character which I had assumed). Anyhow, they show up as serif for me, even though Lato is being applied.

Isn’t lato the same as Lato in CSS? I always thought. But my always is like 1month so you might be right.

Callback fonts! That’s what I should start doing. Thanks.

Today I learned that CSS is case insensitive :blush:

It appears that you can write foNt-faMIlY: lAtO and it still works :scream:

Never liked CSS, now I like it even less :unamused: Back to JavaScript.

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