Finished my LWA. Any suggestions or objections would be great!

:slight_smile: Hello everybody. Finilly made Local Weather App. Would appreciate any feedback(positive or negative) :grin:

Here is the link:

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Can you share the link of your application?

Good job! 2 things: for some reason I have a vertical scrollbar. Also the font-size of the actual temperature is a bit too small (compared to the rest of the text).

It’s really not obvious that you need to click temp to switch it to F and back…

I like your colors. I personally find this project hard to design for.
The temperature toggle link needs something to tell the user that it should be clicked. If it’s not wrapped in an element that is meant to be clicked, like an anchor, then a users mouse wont change to the pointer when they hover over it. I recommend using the CSS cursor property. MDN: cursor

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