Finished my portfolio: first page I've ever built, criticism is welcome

Finished my portfolio: first page I've ever built, criticism is welcome


Here’s the pen:

Took me almost 4 days, I have no idea if that’s a lot of time or not for a beginner, but I’m happy it’s done (more or less). I had to do a lot of searching to get that navbar right. And some other tricky things too. Anyway, I’d appreciate any feedback, from beginners and professionals alike!


hey first of all congratulations for completing your projects and the project is nice but i recommend you to add your picture too, which will make your project more good


Looks very rich, well done.

Great design, nice colour scheme, perfect.

I like the layout, it’s working, just could have some small changes o make it more better.

You forgot to set alt for logo image, please add.

Some suggestion

  • Add a border-bottom to top fixed menu bar, it make it more better I think.
  • The blue box text container after logo/image, I think it has a little too much padding for text(especially for mobile), also if you could use more dark font color, or lighter background color to bring more contrast will be great.
  • The completed project section, for mobile I suggest you place one entry in each row(rather two entry for each row), for mobile view, images(entries) are so small. Also the padding,margin is a little too much.
  • Also add a little more space between footer icon links.

very good work, well done.

Keep goin on great work, happy programming