Finished my portfolio page. Check it out!

Can’t say I’m 100% happy with it, but I kinda like it and will be definitely improving it further while learning on freeCodeCamp! Any feedback would be highly appreciated!


It looks great. You’ve really used normalize.css to and your home-brewed CSS to great effect to show off your skills. I have one question: What’s the meaning of the percentages for HTML/CSS/JS on each project?

I just wanted to fill that space with something small. In future I want to tie it up (if possible) to GitHub API, so whenever I post public repo it appears on this page… and it just happens to be that GitHub repos provide this percentage for each repo ))

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The only thing I would change is the background, not a fan of dirty colors. Other than that pretty neat page :+1: In the future when you implement GitGub API it would be cool if you could tie your skills to projects and sort by skill/category. Just a silly idea.

Agree, re background. thanks!

Looks great to me! I like what you’ve done with some of your projects in order to make them stand out a little bit. Very nice!

3 things:

  • not a huge fan of projects because they’re very basic. Not a surprise here, it looks like you just completed a lot of FCC curriculum, congrats for that! :slight_smile: The next step will probably be building some bigger projects.
  • I like the design a lot, not just your homepage but the projects as well. Definitely got something good going on here. note: one of your projects has a weird scrollbar in the middle of the screen: (It’s the memory game, in case the screenshot doesn’t load)
  • I like the bio even more, you seem like a cool guy, with an impressive number of countries explored recently! :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck!

I think your memory match game has a bug. If you hit 0 the game “resets” but with the same board as the one you were just one.

Other than things like that, great work!

That’s why it calls ‘Beware of zero’. I also have a 25-tile version where it makes more sense of keep tracking where is 0