Finished my Portfolio Page (for the moment)

Hey guys

I have now finished my Portfolio Page. Would be great, if you could give me some feedback.
The Portfolio Section is at the moment only a placeholder.


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Looks good. A couple of suggestions:

First, there is no button or link to pull you back to the top of the page, once you’ve scrolled down. Try making your name in the header a link that scrolls back to the top of the page.

Second, you might consider making each section on the page larger, to show off your scrolling a bit better. As it is, with each section–About, Portfolio, and Contact–only about 1/3 of a screen tall, clicking the nav links in the header doesn’t scroll the page much if at all. If you make each section taller, so that altogether they add up to about 2-3 times the height of the screen, users will be able to appreciate that you have implemented scrolling on your page.

Thanks for your feedback and sorry for the late response.

I have added the button to pull me back to the top.
I also have fixed the scroll (it was a pain ;)).

The width of the sections do I not have changed because I hope that I can fill the site with content soon.