Finished my Product Landing Page, finally

Hi guys, just wanted to show my product landing page. In this project I used a lot of Flexbox to make the website responsive, and some creativity. Just one project to get my certification. Not sure about the accessibility though, any opinion?

Feedbacks are greatly appreciated.

I love the layout and its responsive too
You put a lot of effort in this and I’ll say you did a great job.
The only thing you might put more effort into should be the reviews section.
Its kinda hard to see the text in the background.
Maybe, you could use a brighter color.
Other than that, great job, Happy Coding!!!


Great color scheme, it’s very pleasent to look at and you know
how to create a good layout.

Three small changes to make your site look even more professional:

  • The Permanent Marker font is hard to read and breaks the flow, best change it to Poppins or a similar font.
  • Change the text color in the sections with an orange background to white
    for readability .
  • Increase the width of the two boxes in the footer, there’s too much
    whitespace, even on mobile.

All in all good work, you have some design skills!

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