Finished my survey and documentation project. Please rate!

Hello again,
I just finished my survey project. Please take a moment and look at it. I’ll be playing around with the background colors and stuff later. Now onto my portfolio project.


when I click on any of the labels in the experience field, only the ui design checkbox gets triggered

Hi @moonlightdev
Survey form looks good and nice :wink:
One problem is, you have duplicated your id's for the radio and checkbox, id for radio and checkbox should be unique and they should match their corresponding for="", that’s the reason when any label for radio and checkbox are clicked it checks only the first value

hmmm it doesnt for me. I am able check all or one. I’ll check on multiple browser and see.

ah ok i got it. I’ll fix it. the input type radio and checkbox always get me confused. I need to study more on this topic. thank you.

For the documentation i’d make buttons as links, not just text on them. In my opinion it would feel way better :slight_smile: