Finished my tribute page! Feedback appreciated

Let me know what you guys think:


Note: The AOS animations are a little weird in codepen. If they do not work well if you refresh it should. Otherwise download my ZIP from my github:



The third picture is broken. However, everything is awesome and clean.

I lik the background and the animations.

Anyway, the code seems kinda complicated to me as it seems that you split it up to files(which is a good move to organise the code better than putting it all in 1 file which would be so hard to maintain later) as you have used many animations there. But still nice that you used Javascript.

Very good project overall. Great work.

Yea I actually made it in sublime then had to later copy and paste it to codepen. And yea that third image is weird, I had to link the images to websites instead of locally storing them (which works more predictably) since codepen does not let you store files unless you pay for the pro version.

Thanks for the input! I am always open to suggestions and ways to get better.

Replaced the third image, thanks! :slight_smile: