Finished my Tribute Page. Would like to see any comments/feedback!

Hi everyone. Something doing wrong, and I know its very simple but I couldn’t see that! pls. let me know, where is my mistake.

Don’t tel me all of them, step by step I wanna correct my self, but I need a small push!

thank you!

Overall it looks good. Once you get the picture working you might want to play around with some Bootstrap to spruce it up a little, but for your first go round you are doing great.

Generally when you put a picture in html you want to put in an alternate text value so that you can see if the link you are using is valid. In this case when I tried to copy/past the src of you image into the browser in came up with a generic google search of Jacques instead of a specific image. Trying either choosing a different image or maybe downloading the image you are after and re uploading it onto an image hosting site like imgur so that you have a more solid since of the URL it will have.

Also, I tend to use this site as a work around so that I don’t have to keep messing with massive URLs that can break if you misedit them during the debugging process.

ok, thanks, Ill try.
I know, looks not great, but Im in a stack with pic…

Its all about functionality first and foremost and all your links work great so as soon as you get your picture up and running then you will be just fine.

I did that!!! OMG few hours… THANKs

now my problem is to create frame and to move pic in a center…