Finished my Weather App

Just wrapped up my Weather app. It’s pretty basic, but it does everything it’s supposed to.
I didn’t really like the idea of a background image for this particular case, so instead, I chose to have a dynamic background color. The units are clickable to change between metric and imperial units. In hindsight, I’m not sure if that was the best way to go, as it’s virtually impossible for mobile users to discover this option…

Oh well, let me know what you guys think!

I like the design :slight_smile:

But the location is way off. Never once in my life did I experience 10 °C weather (I live in a hot country).

This also troubled me, but I just went ahead with that anyway :expressionless:

Looks like you forgot to remove url = weather.json from your code and now we all live in Belgium :grin:


Haha, you’re right. :slight_smile:
I put it there for debugging purposes because I read on the OWM website they weren’t too keen on pages polling their servers contsantly (which of course I was doing while debugging :slight_smile: ).

Thanks for spotting that!

Ugh, it turns out OWM doesn’t serve it’s data over HTTPS unless you buy a Pro membership, so modern browsers will complain with a Mixed Content error. I’ll probably convert to later today.