Finished. Please critique my weather app

Hi people,

Please can you provide me with feedback on my weather app. Many thanks.

[NOW SOLVED]I have largely finished my local weather app. I am struggling with one issue, which is that the bootstrap row function is not resetting on the last row - the summary appears in the centre instead of on the left. It is probably something really simple, but it eludes me. Please tell me where I have gone wrong and give me any other feedback. Many thanks.

Project Link -


I think line 36 has to be “col-md-1” not “col-md-6”.

I see you have a few unnecessary divs that I believe you are using to offset the grids.


Try removing those divs and use offset classes instead.



For more information about offset classes, please check out bootstrap’s documentation.

Thanks FSJdev16. I knew it would be a stupid simple issue.

Thanks jinrawx. Great to know I have used offsets now. Much more useful!

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