Finished Portfolio Challenge

Hello guys, just finished my portfolio, I still plan to improve and tweak some things but I guess it will do for challenge requirements. anyways I hope to receive you feedback, remarks and advises.

here is a link my portfolio

@mdivani it’s really nice! The diagram is fascinating! However the image bellow the diagram next to the text doesn’t appear in my browser for some reason.

Update: It seems that the link you provide in img tag is not public.

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quite nice, I encounter same issue as iomikron.

one of the options to host the images is Cloudinary.


Yes I know image doesn’t appears, I could not find proper service to host images.

Thanks I am going to try it is it free?

yes, for our needs is free

Thanks again, I was looking for something like that for a quite a time. Also I noticed after registering that I can make a referal so if its possible to do it now I would like to make referal for you.

For me the google drive works fine. I am not sure if the urls provided for sharing and public usage are going to change for security reasons though.

I have read that google doesn’t supports url sharing for image hosting since 2016, its cool if you can still use it :thinking:

Hey there fellow campers, I have completed my Portfolio challenge and would love some feedback and help if you find any mistakes.
Here is my portfolio.

Nicely done, I suggest to make height of each user story(about me, contact etc) 100vh, like #about { height:100vh;} that will set height for divs exactly as device client is viewing your page so scroll will be smoother and you can also add transitions to make it even more smooth.

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@mdivani I have provided wrong information in my last message. Apologies for this. It’s not google drive but tumplr. I remember now that I had the same problem with images and tried to upload it through my tumblr account and it worked!

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