Finished Recipe box

Hey yo guys, I just finished my FCC recipe box project, what do you guys think about it, and what can I improve on?:open_mouth:

Wow that’s an elaborate app! You’ve inspired me to jazz mine up a bit :smiley:

I can’t say anything about the coding since I can’t see the source :slight_smile:

One suggestion, from a user experience perspective, having to keep scrolling down is a bit of a pain. Maybe it would be better to make the recipe input forms all available?

I think this could be done by just putting it all in a div with a height of 100vh?

Thanks for sharing udayk, hope I wasn’t too late on replying.

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Heya! Thanks for the input, I’ve learnt a lot between then and now, I’m now making a full stack recipe-box app ! although with a more elaborate and simpler design that will work well with my REST APIs. It’s also going to be more mobile friendly!