Finished second challenge: Survey Page. I appreciate feedback

Ey everyone! First of all, i hope all you be good: have a nice day/afternoon/night.

Well, i finished the second challenge: survey page. I do two page this time, one is the example that the challenge ask, and the second is one that show when you click con submit (when you enter your name and email, at least). I really want to improve, so i stay tuned to your feedback. Thanks for your attention and your time.

-Challenge page:
-Thanks you page:

-CodePen Challenge page:
-CodePen Thanks you page:


Hi, @juanpastencastillo!

Your page looks good :). There’s a thing that I noticed. When I hover on the links in your footer section, it flickers! a quick fix would be to set the display: inline-block on your a elements in the footer, and then give them a width: 100px and text-align: center. there are probably other solutions too ;).

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Thank you so much. I do that king of style since the first project and i think that can be “okey” but now i can see that can it can be another way. Thanks so much!

@Pejman (1st edit): I was looking the code and i realize that those style make the sentences be disordered. I explain my self: with those style the sentence have empy space between the word with the link and the rest of the words (wich are in tag p). There is some way to remove that empy space? Or this style is something neccesary to make that flickers don’t appear?