Finished Sudoku Solver but Tests an project have changed

Could someone please advise where i could submit my Sudoku Solver Project from freeCodeCamp.It seems the tests have changed and it is not accepting the version i have .
Here is the link to my project all 11 tests are passing.

Hi @AJAX204!

I am going to move this conversation over to freecodecamp support.

What kind of issues are you having specifically with the submission of this project?

What error messages are you seeing when you try to submit this project?

It seems the project was updated and tests were changed since i started this project.I would like to know if i could still submit the older version or should i restart with the current version of freeCodeCamp Sudoku Solver project.As i stated i have passed all eleven tests of the old Sudoku Solver project.Thank you for help in this matter.

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I would wait to hear from the other moderators that work a little more closely with the curriculum.

They will probably have a better answer to give than me.

Should i repost my question on freeCodeCamp forum.And under which category for moderators to view.I am unsure as to how to continue with this question.Please advise.

You mentioned that the tests have changed since you started this project.

When did you first start this project?

Because if you started it two months ago, I wasn’t aware there were changes and I can ask them.

But if you started it a year or two ago then yes you will have to update your project.

I dug around FCC’s github and found this PR that might relate to your question.

So, maybe @nhcarrigan can help?

The curriculum won’t allow the submission of the project if the tests do not pass. So yes, if you are attempting to claim the certificate, you will need to submit a new version with all tests passing.

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Thank you i wil have a look at the latest version.