Finished Survey Form! (Giants-themed)

Here it is: https:// codepen .io/ jerryd2304/full/ qvERZL (cant include links, just copy and paste, remove spaces)

I’ve finished after tons of work and StackOverflow questions on how to get the alignments correct.
Hope you all like it! How does it look? Also, Giants fans will probably love it!
Thanks for any feedback!

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Great job @jerryd2304 :ok_hand:

Input fields are really good.

Best luck :+1:

Looks good, well done. Here are my observation try to improve it.

  1. Make your button minimal and beautiful, Try to remove default style and give your custom css.
  2. Make you textarea same as textfileds. Give it a same width.
  3. Use material color for your background, Dark maroon is also good , but try to learn color theory and make it more pleasant to eyes.
  4. (personal suggestion) If possible use simple fonts like Open sans, Roboto, SegoeUI etc. They renders good on every browser.

Happy coding, peace

Nice work!!
For smaller devices(width <676px) your input field should come in second line.Because text field and input field in same line, width of input field becoming small.please check responsive design of given example survey form on codepen.

I know how difficult it is to make responsive design.Well done!

Thanks! The reason the colors are like that is because it has a Giants theme.

Looks nice! You can add a media query to make things more vertical for mobile viewing.

And one small thing, you can increase the spacing around the button and increase the button size itself.

You can even add an image spanning across the top, team logo maybe? Great job!!