Finished the product landing page

Just finished doing this, was wondering if this is enough to pass? thanks for any help in advance

Obviously, I don’t think this is enough to pass. What are you goals when you code?

Hmm I was just following the user stories they have on the curriculum. They didn’t really specify how exactly they want it so I wasn’t sure

The users stories, according to me, are to guide you on what elements you need on your page minimum. So a header, footer, video etc… But don’t forget that they don’t limit you on putting others features to your web page and also on the design of your webpage. Good luck :D!

Hm ok I guess I’ll work on designing it and what not. Anything in particular you think is no good?

Hey, nice job! If anything, I would say to work on the visuals. Adding some contrast with various text sizes would be nice, for example.

Also, I haven’t tried this part yet, but they do have the option of forking a test pen where you can run your project through to test for passes and fails.

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Nothing else for now ! ^^ Good job and keep up the coding!

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Alright thanks bro i’ll look into it

Thanks a ton homie you have a good one

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