Finished Tribute page Feedback

I finished my tribute page, and being my first official project, I would love some feedback!


I’m pretty happy with how clean it cam out. There’s a few things I’d like to see different, but I haven’t dug into it much more.


Indeed this is very clean code! I could only find 2 things after some looking over:

  • Line 37 has some extra unused code </>
  • The default text size for your div’s are a little small, I would increase the font size by just a little

Overall great job! :+1:

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Thank you very much! I appreciate the feedback.

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Great job, I love the simplicity. Your codes looks clean. I’m just completing mine too.

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First of all, good job. It is good and minimalistic. Some things that could make it look a bit better:

  1. Adding some styling to the picture - Try desaturating / applying gradient / rounding borders / etc.
  2. I would have made “Life” part into a separate section - Add different background, use “100vh” to separate it from Hero-Section. This would help it stand out a bit
  3. Finally, I think by adding more whitespace between life-events and years it will be more eye-catching and readible
    Overall, great job. All tips that I listed are 1000% optional, your site is fine as it is

thank you! Styling of the picture was one of the things I wanted to go back and revisit :slight_smile:
I appreciate the feedback.

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You are welcome, keep up the good work)

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