Finished Tribute Page!

Hello everybody!
New camper here and I just finished the tribute page. I would like to ask fellow campers for advice, feedback, and suggestions on my tribute page. Here is the link: Tribute Page - Rigoberta Menchu

Thanks in advance!


I don’t see it properly: image and link don’t show :disappointed_relieved:

A tip: put the instructions related to the style in the css box: in a real way of work, layout, style and js are all in separate file and those box are similar to these files.
This division allow people to read clearly the code and to mantein it in a simpler way :slight_smile:

Hi Aloap!
Thanks for the feedback and suggestion. I have separated the style from the html as you suggested. but I’m unable to replicate the issues with the images and the link :worried:

I’ll try to replicate the issue with the images and the link from another computer when I get the chance.
Again, thanks again for your reply. Really appreciated.