Finished up my Wiki-Viewer. Feedback appreciated!

Hey there, I just finished my Wikipedia-Viewer.

I would appreciate some feedback from you how you like it and what i could improve.

Here is my CodePen!

Thanks so much!


Does what it should do and with a nice design. Well done!

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yep nicely done! looks good and lines up well on page

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It looks really good and with very minimal code! I especially like the icon that takes you to the actual page.

I noticed you used the materialized framework and it looks really cool. How do you like it?

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Thank you!
You’re right! I actually discovered the materialize framework today andy instantly loved it.
It somehow comes more natural to me than bootstrap (the only other framework i know) especially when it comes to responsive. I also really like the design of it.
I today then realized that frameworks can really make things easy for you. I almost felt like it is too easy when you use them. And to me it feels like it is not my design anymore because everything you use just looks great right away and you don’t have to use CSS that much. E.g. on my portfolio page I just used a little bit of grid functionality on bootstrap and it feels more like my design. Additionally, it is going to be very unique because it is a very often-seen design frame as far as I’m concerned.

To sum it up, I think its a great framework to easy and fast build a modern, good looking and responsive website. But when I really want to “create” and “design” it probably is going to be counterproductive for me to use it for all the buttons and forms and stuff. But as I said, just discovered it today, so what do I know…

Welcome Critics, here is my Wiki Viewer Project Pen

good job at your work