First Attempt at this: Tribute Page to Pancho Villa

Hello Everyone!

I just completed my tribute page after a a little over a week on FCC. I’m really happy to complete my first project. It’s not the best tribute page but I can’t believe that I created something.
I would like to hear feedback on what I could do to improve, make the code cleaner, or new techniques on how to do things. Please free feel to comment!

thank you!

Pancho Villa Tribute


Well, I’ve been here 4 days less than you, so take anything I say with a grain of salt.

I like the subject, and the page layout itself looks good. My only question would be why you used so much inline styling, rather than using the CSS sheet for most of it. You could, in your second div tag, you call it a class of jumbotron, but there is no class statement in CSS for it. You used inline background color to set it. Add or change your current classes to move some of those inlines off to the CSS section.

You can also set an h1 and img styles in the css, add a couple more class statements, and you’ll be able to strip out a ton of “style=:…” statements.

HTML is a markup language, meaning that you put basic documents (data) in it, and offload most of the styling (looks) to the CSS, instead of forcing the issue in the document. The idea between separating the two is so that your document can stay the same but look completely different by changing the CSS page

You might also use margin statements to be able to strip out some of those
tags. That will clean up your HTML even more.

Try some of these changes, and I’d love to take a look at the next version.


Jim Compton

Hey thanks alot for the feedback! I really appreciate it. I’m still getting the hang of this. I recently picked up Jon Ducketts html and css book from the library and its really helping me understand the concepts that I might’ve missed from FCC. I want to make this perfect before I move on to the next project.