First Certification Project issues/Study Habits

Hello all,

Running into some roadblocks with building the Survey Form from scratch. I didn’t take notes but didn’t rush through the first four lessons by any means. I’m serious about a career in Software Development so made sure to take my time to read and really understand the concepts. Now that I’m at the first major step I feel completely out of my depth, constantly needing to look back on past work to reference and not having a clue where to start on other aspects. Is it okay to look back? Should I go back and retake the first lessons and take some better notes? Quincy did caution learning the same basic information over and over as a form of procrastination but want to make sure I’m doing this right but also not being too hard on myself for struggling with this. Any feedback is greatly appreciated…



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It is fine to use the other steps to help you know what you want to do with any of the projects. As well, as long as it is your own project submitted, you can get other help from video, or online sources.

You do not have to make the project the same one that is presented to us. In fact, none of my several, have been the one presented to us. I keep redoing them because I like the practice.

I hope this helps you!

Keep up the good progress and happy coding!