First challenge in "Managing Packages with NPM" course not working correctly

Hello All,

I am having trouble with the first challenge in the course “Managing Packages with NPM”.

Basically I forked the linked repo to my own github account, then cloned it to my local machine and made the changes to the package.json file by adding an “author” property with the value being my name (“Umar”).

I then pushed the change back to my GitHub fork and then copied the link to the fork and pasted it into the solution link field, but I’m getting the following error

// running tests
package.json should have a valid “author” key
// tests completed

I’m using and GitHub Desktop on a Windows 10 machine.

Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you all!

you need a live project, a link to a GitHub repo will not work

Hello @ilenia ,

Thanks for your reply.

I understand that the GitHub link is just a link to where my source code is located.

How do I create a live project?

Thanks again!

you can use, which has a live preview feature with his own link that you can use to submit

or you need to host your project on a service that allows full stack apps, for example Heroku

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Awesome. Thanks for your helpful info. I understand now.

From reading past forums related to this topic it seems some people are using Glitch so I am assuming that Glitch is just another service that allows hosting of full stack apps???

Is GitHub Pages another similar service for hosting as well???

yes, but GitHub Pages allows only static (front end) apps, no back end

Ahh, I see.
Makes perfect sense now.

So if your JS code communicates with a server using AJAX or sets up a Node http server to ( as an example) create a responsive web page then this part of the code will not work if you use GitHub Pages to host???

you can’t host a backend on GitHub pages, but if your back end is hosted elsewhere and communicates via API, you can host the front-end on GitHub pages

there quite a few interactive apps on GitHub pages, that use APIs to comunicate with other services

Got it.

Makes sense.

You can essentially host the front end part of your website on GitHub pages then host the back-end somewhere else and just have the front-end communicate via API to the back end for interactivity.

Thank you so much!

Sorry for going off topic a little, but I learned a lot from our conversation!

Have a wonderful and productive weekend!

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