First Challenge

They asked to do an website like this: without copying and paste code, searching and by scratch.

But my result is this: (from scratch)

It’s not 100% faithful to the original, there are some differences. What i can do now? i can’t make this 100% perfect like the original, without CTRL C + CTRL V…

You fulfilled the specs requirements so that’s good.

But the point is not being 100% copy of the example, but to meet the specs, and maybe even add your own style and flair… after all, you’re trying to be a web designer.

See this other member’s tribute page.

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I’m on the first challenge as well and I’ve ran into a problem I can not figure out yet on my own. I will post my codepen below.

In my navbar I cant get my two links side by side. any help would be greatly appreciated.

For sure the challenge isn’t to make a duplicate of the FCC tribute page. In fact I tried hard to make mine look different:
FCC: Build a Tribute Page - Michel Thomas

The tribute can dedicated to anyone/anything – not just Dr. Norman Borlaug.