First challenges:should I use technologies which aren't in the standard curriculum?

Hi! I’m walking through my first challenge-a tribute page, should I use something that doesn’t include(header,footer tags, position:relative etc) in the curriculum(HTML5 and CSS,Responsive design with Bootstrap,jQuery)? Or it’ll be enough to stick to the curriculum? Quincy Larson said that he used CSS only one time-to add margin top, he made other things by using standard html,inline css and bootstrap.

I am just finishing up that project and I took it to mean that you should complete the project only using HTML and Bootstrap, but others have said otherwise. I guess in the end it is up to you since it’s your project, but I decided to do mine sticking to HTML and Bootstrap only.

Yes, you are free to use other techs. From the requirements:

  1. Fulfill the below user stories. Use whichever libraries you need. Give it your own personal style.

I think Quincy was trying to emphasize how easy the project could be, with just HTML and the tiniest CSS, but that is in no way a limitation.

You are free to use other libraries, etc. Of course, if you are doing it to avoid dealing with some other tech with which you are not comfortable - then that might not be a good idea. But presumably if you’re adding in JavaScript, then you’re HTML and CSS are probably pretty good.