First Draft || Need suggestions to Improve

Following is the first draft of my Random Quote Machine

Quote Machine
Please review my work and suggest improvements.

Will try to improve this pen after few days.

Looking forward to get fellow campers awesome feedback and replies.

Personally, I’m against links that go bold when you hover on them. Good job still :thumbsup:!

which link are you talking about?
The tweet link or the source link

I was talking about the tiny link at the bottom

A very clean and legible design mritzi. I like what you’ve done. The only suggestion I have is perhaps a slightly larger font for the body of the quote. Very good job though.

I like the design very much :v: and i agree with @jdmedlock

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Hi @kevcomedia,

Thanks for the clarififcation.

I have done that deliberately.

But, I will remember your views and would not make the link bold wherever its unnecessary.

I have a simple suggestion: you can add fade animations to your quotes to smooth the transition from one to the other. You are already using JQuery. It shouldn’t be too hard to do this.

Hi @ZeroXLR,

Thanks for your feedback.

I will do that in some time.