First draft of my "for real" portfolio, feedback request

TLDR: I need feedback on my portfolio ->
Hi all,

I’ve been fully dedicated on learning javascript for over 6 months now. The advice I’ve been getting is to get a junior level job so I can get real-world coding experience. It feels a little early to me, but I’ll probably never feel ready. So I’ve been hard at work preparing my portfolio. At this point it has the bulk of features on it that I want but has some rough edges.

A few specific things I am wondering if any of you have feedback on:

  1. I have a lot of freeCodeCamp projects that are OK but not very well designed or exciting. Should I include these? For example, my dungeon crawler game or Simon?

  2. As someone who is switching careers, I am having some difficultly figuring out how to frame myself as a programmer. I find myself wanting to bring in aspects of my previous job/career track that are relevant but I also want recruiters to see that I’m fully committed. Any ideas for how to balance this?

  3. I could really use some ideas for design. I followed the resume design from P1XT’s tutorial initially, and then kind of branched off. I want it to look good and function well. It is less of a priority to me to make it fancy/visually stunning since I am not looking to do web design.

Thank you so much in advance!!

Here is my portfolio:

Here is the code if you’re interested:

First of all as a first draft I really like your portfolio just keep working on it.

  1. No, you should not. You need, based on these projects, to build up 2-3 real world apps
    or design 5-10 webistes and make a portoflio. Apps must solve specific real world problems and
    website must represent some company or a brand in elegant and original way. Games you’ve build
    will maybe be handy on test where you show you problem solving knowledge.
  2. If you wanna switch to programming then on interview and in you CV show enthusiasm and be natural. They will estimate how serious you are, it is their job.
  3. Develop functionality based on some sketch or mock-up. Then try to do design. If you fee that
    is not representative enough or fails to really show off your app then buy some template and modify it,
    but in any case your portfolio should represent yourself and try hard to make your own style.

Thanks for the feedback. Especially, the first point you make is really useful for giving me direction. Much appreciated!

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No problem, in addition to your second question - your previous career can give you plenty of ideas how to write software that will solve some major issues in your previous line of work. Think about some difficulties you’ve had and problems you faced and try to think about way to improve or solve them by writing some app. Programming spreads across all possible areas of work. And yes have fun doing it …

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Hi Jonathon,
Fellow Rhino here. I am not great at design so I will not really comment on that. I did notice on the resume page that you should add cursor: pointer CSS to the bottom sections. There is a highlight that indicates they expand, but the pointer would be helpful. Also, the contact button doesn’t seem to do anything.

In my opinion, your portfolio should show your best work. If that is FCC projects, then that’s what it should show. It doesn’t matter if they are games or not solving real world problems. As you advance, you will develop those types of projects, and then they will replace the old stuff in your portfolio. I believe we will always keep our portfolios updated as long as we are coding.

I’m in the same boat re: switching careers. I think my BA experience is a big selling point. I’m trying to stress that in my linkedIn profile and resume and interviews, but not so much in my portfolio.

I just redesigned my own portfolio. I have a thread on it here, if you would be willing to give feedback:

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