First Draft Portfolio - Feedback welcome!

Hey guys. This is my first serious attempt to make something from scratch using HTML and CSS. I hope it’s not too bad since my knowledge of HTML/CSS is solely what is taught on freecodecamp up until this point (of course I used the help of google as well). One thing I plan on changing in the future is making the contact section include some forms to send an email to me. Here’s what i made: Porfolio . Let me know what you think and what I can improve! Thanks :slight_smile:


Super nice… i love the background images how they change as you scroll down the page…good work.

It’s very cute! How long have you been studying here? I’m a beginner.

Thank you! I made this after about 5 solid days of freecodecamp’s coursework with no previous experience. Though I did use quite a bit of google to figure out things that I didn’t know how to do.

Wow, It’s very motivating for me now! Your story looks like my fathers’ one, but on the contrary, he first got bachelors degree on Electrical Control & Instrumentation but soon after decided to become a doctor and went to medical university. And in result he became a good doctor! :slight_smile:

It would behoove you to look into making it responsive on mobile. It’s quite hard to navigate on a phone.

Yes I have much to learn and have plans on improving this page as I go. I will definitely look into making it more mobile friendly, thanks!