First draft portfolio, not confident in design but I tried REALLY REALLY hard to make it look good

Hi everyone!

Please let me know what I can work on. I know I need to fix the skills section (I think it looks bad) but I really tried to make the design look professional. I just didn’t want to throw something together in 10 min. I really tried to lay it out and make it look good. I will be changing the verbiage completely but for now I just threw some text in that came to mind while working.

My Portfolio Site

Any criticism from a code or design prospective is appreciated.

Thank you!

Hey there @CollinPerkins I think the cover image should be full screen height. I loved the random facts thing :slight_smile: And yeah skills section just doesn’t add up to the overall look of the site. Rest is very sleek.

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EDIT: you could also make the down arrows clickable so when they are clicked the site scrolls to section below the cover.

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Good ideas! I will get those knocked out. Still not sure what to do with the skills section, just been drawing a blank on that.

Thank you for the input! Much appreciated!!!

Maybe this link can help you get some ideas for skills section

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Cool thank you for this. This should help get the creative juices flowing!

Thank you for taking the time to comment and go out of your way to find relevant examples for my problem!

Again I appreciate it, very much!

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Most welcome buddy. Keep on coding :slight_smile:

I really liked it! btw it says “Im am selft tuaght”!