First Front End Project

Hi Everyone

Just started with fcc over the last few days. I’m about to tackle the first front end project. Just wondering if anyone has an any pearls of wisdom they would like to share from here on in. My major concerned is getting frustrated early because I know somethings may not go so smoothly. Thanks everyone, looking forward to your responses!


You might have to get used to that…

But some tips:

  • Start with thinking about what you will need, for example: image, quote, some info, link to some other site
  • Build the different parts as simple as possible (no complicated styling)
  • Once you have the bare minimum you can add whatever you like / try out different things
  • If you have a problem: Google it.
  • If you still have a problem: Ask for help here

Thanks for the advice Ben!!

Do you think your frustrations will inhibit your learning? If so then that will be the thing you’ll want to keep your eye on the most. Programming and web dev can be incredibly frustrating but you have to press on until you solve the problem. Luckily there’s a great community for learning and advice here so don’t let the frustrations overwhelm you.

I have read the same. Constant struggles, try try, and keep trying. Sometimes taking days or even weeks to solve a problem. I just don’t want to get to down on myself and give up. I didn’t find the challenges to this point too tough, so hopefully it goes alright

Just as a side note. I am pretty sure the point of this project is to basically just make sure you have the basics of HTML and CSS down. A timeline of events. Can i customize the topic to something I feel like writing about? Or should I stick to the same one quincy has. Link for reference.

You are supposed to follow the user stories as far as I know. As long as those tasks are accomplished it could really be anything.

Yes, you are supposed to :slight_smile:

Build a tribute page do anyone, or thing, you feel deserves one.