First Full Stack PWA App

Hey guys,

Finally i have built my first full stack app.
You can search for the books, check the bestselling books, manage your book shelf on the app.
App is made in Pure Css and Pure Js.
For Backend, i have used Python( Flask).
Database is Postgresql.

I am open to all kind of reviews.
Whether, good or bad, I’ll love to have your review on my project.

Live Site:

Edit: Added PWA functionality to app.
Can be used as native app on Smartphones.

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Great job. I think it’s a cool app and looks really nice.

I would recommend a redirect to the login page instead of display a 400 if you try to perform an unauthenicated request.

Also the text isn’t aligned vertically here. Try flex box or setting line-height to 0.

The scrolling through the favourites wasn’t centered on mobile screens.

Also the quotes should be attributed.

I don’t have a laptop with my right now so can’t make any comments about tablet and laptop sizes.

Really great job though - keep it up

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Hey @Mknight492,
Thanks a tone for the review. Really appreciate it.

Great recommendations, i will implement both of them.

This one as well.

I tried doing that but couldn’t. I’ll research on that again and try doing that.

Once again thank you very much for review.

Pushing this up cause made some changes.
Please provide some reviews.
Thanks in advance.

Added PWA functionality to the app.
Let me know your reviews.
Read about PWA here.