First Fun Project! Crash Team Racing

Hey! After spending several weeks not doing any coding, I decided to start the journey from the beginning again with a new perspective. I’ve signed up for this Learning How to Learn course on Coursera to learn new techniques to help me remember stuff more. One of them was “Spaced Repetition.” You’d learn something today and then repeat them over several days. It’s better than cramming too much information in a single day. Chances are, you’ll forget 80% of them a week later.

If you use Spaced Repetition well, the knowledge you’ve gained will have a stronger chance to stick in your mind for a long time.

It’s a valuable course to take. Best of all; it’s free! Here’s the link for though who are interested.

I applied what I’ve learned into Introduction to Basic HTML and HTML5. What happened? It worked! After several weeks, I still remembered most of the information and implementing it into my fun project.

This is what my project looks like so far. I’m making a fan-made CTR: NF website. Feel free to post me a comment. It’d be much appreciated.


Hey there, it looks like you posted the local path to your project - only you can access that. You’d need to put your project up on a server somewhere so we can look at it. Consider using github pages or netlify.

Got it. Thanks. I haven’t had a github account nor netlify.

Codepen may work also.

I’ve opened a GitHub account. How do I show my website to you?

First you need to open a repository for your project, and “push” your project files in there. Here’s one video that explains all the steps:

I’m still working on understanding the steps, but hopefully on this page, you’ll finally see my website.