First HTML/CSS "Tribute" Project - could NOT do it in just Bootstrap

first, i have completed the first project, the HTML/CSS tribute page, Faddah’s FCC project, the HTML/CSS Tribute page..

my problem is in the introductory video for the project — in the video describing the project, we’re told that the instructor had created the page using “practically no css,” save the pre-done classes from Bootstrap. We’re also told not to look at how he/she did in the code, but just do it on our own. i could not do it and achieve a similar page without using my own CSS in addition to Bootstrap classes. i just couldn’t.

first, the Bootstrap site, while complete and voluminous, is rather laberinth-like to even begin to navigate or find what you are seeking — like a simple class to give you some margin space below your element (i know now - .mb-1 or some other number for amount of rem space). also, certain Bootstrap classes would simply not work, no matter how i tried to apply them, like .mb-1 or py-3 (padding for both top and bottom in the y-axis), etc., i’d add them and they would show no effect in the element on the page.

also, prior to the project assignment, we were given very little Bootstrap information, other than how to add Bootstrap as a style sheet and javascript script tag and add a few standard Bootstrap classes here and there — absolutely nothing about how to navigate the Bootstrap site and find the various classes used to do, as the instructor says in the video, the whole project using Bootstrap classes alone on the elements with no hand-made CSS. so my project uses both. honestly, if i had known Bootstrap was not a requirement, I would have turned in my project as a Bootstrap hybrid along with my own CSS classes THREE DAYS ago, instead of hunting down classes at the Bootstrap site, many of which would not do what I wanted.

i hope i won’t be penalized for that. But i feel these courses should show you a WHOLE lot more Bootstrap if they make that a requirement on the first project. that is what i wanted to say. if the video emphasis on using “Bootstrap only” is not a requirement for the project, then it should be stated as such in the video, or that Bootstrap should be de-emphasized as a requirement.

That is my feeling, at least, if you’re re-doing the instructional videos or coursework.


— faddah
portland, oregon, u.s.a.