First independent Project: Critique Me!

Hello, all!

I’ve been following FreeCodeCamp for a bit, and am currently on the Build a Random Quote Machine project along its course. That said, I’ve been doing some side work in order to further improve my skills.

I also have a musician friend who is budding, so I offered to do a simple website for him. Creating this.

My first launched website, hosted by DigitalOcean and on a node server! :smiley:

I’d really appreciate advice and feedback. You could reply here, or use the built in support form that I painstakingly got running.

If you want to take a glance at the source code, I have uploaded it to Github as such.

Thank you for your time!


Looking good! It’s a simple site, but it’s not unattractive, and so I can’t give much feedback other than that. Great work, and good luck to your friend as well.

Very simple. Very Nice! Keep up the awesome work. With that being said: I feel kind of iffy about the black and white photo + black and white theme. I think the photo would better stand out if it were color, or had some colored elements.