First internship offer

Hi everyone I am very excited and happy, last week I received an email about an internship offer in a startup. Currently, I’m 20 years old and I’m studying a Certificate of Higher Education (HNC) in cross-platform application development.

This could be a great opportunity because the contract is for 9 months and it is mutually beneficial. It is unpaid, but it will give me work and personal experience. If they see that you fit the profile, do well and they like you, they will probably hire you.

Out of my own ambition I started doing programming language courses online to get certifications and learn. I really like the freeCodeCamp courses, even if they are long, but they are good for learning. When you finish a course, certification and you get 100% completion it gives you satisfaction.

Having numerous certifications I decided to complete my LinkedIn profile and update it. Through LinkedIn they found me, they found my profile and CV interesting.

I know that the field I study is very new, very interesting and increasingly in demand. But many companies ask for years of experience in programming languages or software.

I hope that everything goes well and that they like it and I am eager to learn a lot because I am young and life is for learning both good and bad things.

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Wish you all the best in all your endeavours @lbatllefigueras

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All the best

I hope you do well

If you want more advice on career do check this out

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