First Internship!

Is it just me or does everyone feels doubtful, skeptical about their skills for first internship?
Honestly I’m even scared to apply. Don’t want to be a joke. :frowning_face: :confounded:


If you are capable of making some projects that look good, apply always


I feel doubtful and skeptical about my skills every time I change jobs, and I’ve been doing this for about a decade.


Yeah, if you google “imposter syndrome” I’m sure you’ll get a lot of hits. We all feel that.

Just apply. You feel you are not ready for your first job? Most people aren’t. Just keep learning and building things and applying for jobs. It’s their job to figure out if you are qualified or are at least close enough that they can get you the rest of the way.

You have to be willing to be rejected. You will (likely) be rejected over and over before you land the difficult to get first job. I was. And I tried to learn a little from every failed interview, etc.


This is basically everyone, except narcissists, who essentially think they deserve every single job because they are greatest person ever, and are awesome, or something like that.

There’s a lot of room between feeling 100% hopeless and 100% full of yourself.


It’s normal. Happens most of the time and everyone felt like that when you just start your first internship. Just do it, you’ll learn a lot. Ask lots of questions, think about it like one of your roles as an intern. It shows you’re willing to learn.
That’s the main idea, to prepare you and give you experience. After a while you’ll feel that you’re running along your peers.

Good luck!!!

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