First job, a thousand anxieties!

Hello everybody,
After years of studying I finally got a permanent job in an IT company.
I quit my job and started my adventure.
My biggest fear is that despite having shown in recent months that I want this job, and in these years of study that I can get there, of not being up to expectations, of not being able to compete with better and more trained people. of me.
Have any of you ever experienced this? how did you deal with it?
Thanks so much for anyone who answers!


Hey there,

First, congratulations on the job. That is very much a success worth celebrating.

At this point, you have the job. Worry less about competing with others and more about working on a team. Communication here is key - working with your fellow developers, and taking the time to learn from them and grow.

ASK QUESTIONS. I cannot stress this enough. If you get stuck, ask for help. If you aren’t sure, ask for help. Be sure to ask quality questions - rather than “How do I do x?”, it’s “Hey, can you help me with X? I’ve tried Y and Z, but ran in to these issues. Is there something I am missing?”.

And communicate with your supervisors too. “Here’s what I am working on, here are the approaches I tried, here is what is and is not succeeding.”


You are not competing with your coworkers.

One more time, for the people in the back:


You have teammates who can share the benefits of their diverse backgrounds and experience.

You’re going to go through some cycles of feeling completely incompetent over the next several months. You’ll worry about how quickly you are picking up new things, and how often you ask for help, and whether you are independent enough, and a million other things. It’s incredibly overwhelming. You find a new thing that you don’t know every week. That’s ok. That’s the process. Your fellow developers understand. Just keep the lines of communication open, honest, and respectful.

You got this. Be as kind to yourself as you would to someone else who you care about.


I’m going to quote this because it really cannot be stressed enough.

I know that the development industry is competitive. It’s hard to get a job, especially your first.

But once you’ve signed that job offer, the competition (mostly) goes out the window. Now you’re on a team. Now you’re working with developers toward a common goal.


Thanks so much for the support and the advice guys !! I really appreciate them !! I have a good relationship with the team, even the bosses are very helpful and put you at ease, the problem is that I spent years in a company (not IT) where despite the work, the commitment was only exploited and never rewarded, in this case the award I received and I’m afraid of disappointing their expectations, I like to program I love the code, create rest api and show the data that comes from that api in a layout, only when for a long time They call you an idiot for how strong you are, for how much you know how to dominate emotions a little deep you begin to believe you are …