First job as developer

I’ve been learning on freecodecamp since this june, also two years ago I learned some of html & css basics, and one year ago I learned a bit of java. After doing a lot of projects and make a portfolio. The last week two companies offered me a job, both good jobs with great possibilitties. I have a lot to learn but this week I start a remote job in my house, without timetable and with growing prospects.

This post its for say that you can do it. Keep working, keep learning, keep aplying. It’s hard. But it will improve over time


That’s so great and encouraging to hear! Could you maybe also share what are some of the other resources you have used to learn web development that you’ve found useful? Thank you!!

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For learning the basis I used just the freeCodeCamp courses, when I have a problem with something or I don’t understand a concept I go into youtube and look for a tutorial.
I`m terrible at design so I pass several time in Codepen just copying manually others pens and taking notes in order to understand the logic

Also once you have enough experience with the courses the best way is to open the documentation, choose a project and code it. If you don’t know how to make something go to google. When you know how to do something, google it anyway, maybe there are easiest solutions.

Some usefull webs that i found:

  • Codepen: People do real wonders just with Css, go here for inspirations, learn from others or just for fun

  • Front-end checklist: To remember good practices and include everything

  • Happy Hues: there are a lot of webs that suggest you beatiful colours for your web

  • Lama dev channel: This is one of my favourites channels, has tutorials for aaaall the proccess of a MERN app, if you are new into MERN or fullstack doing one or two tutorials will give you a better perspective and some cool projects for your portfolio

  • Portfolio Ideas: Make two portfolios. One when you learn front basis and another when you learned some framework.


Hi @jesusMAes !

Congrats on the new job!

My main piece of advice for working remotely is to stay on top of communication.
I work for a remote company and love it but I always make sure to post updates throughout the day and stay involved with group chats.

Don’t feel like you need to be glued to the desk at all times.
It is totally fine to get up and stretch your legs, each lunch and stay hydrated.
Just make sure you don’t go silent on your team and not communicate at all and wait for them to reach out to you.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:


Merciii ça me va et je veux aller plus que possible maintenant comment faire une porte feuille

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