First Job - Help **UPDATED**

Hello everyone,
I am a 2nd-year student in Computer Science, Currently heading to my 3rd.
I have no experience prior to the University (although I am learning in one of the top 100 universities in the world), my GPA is average (82) and I am having trouble finding my first job.

I have done 1 hackathon in the past as well as a very small project of my own which is not very impressive (a very specific discord bot that had a complicated functionality, took about 3 days to complete).
I need some advice on how to improve my resume to get call-backs, which projects should I do? Is there anything on the website that can boost my resume?

Thanks in advance!

side-note: currently just playing with unity for fun thanks to the youtube course. Also, I am more interested in back-end and in software development.

**UPDATE: I have followed through with the advice you guys gave me and learned game development in unity and attended about 6 game gams, 3 of which outcomed a game.
Using the University tools I managed to get 4 interviews, and after 2 months I got my first job offer at Intel. The guy who interviewed me said that the games I made showed passion which really helped my chances.

Thank you all!

I strongly recommend taking full advantage over your university’s career services. They probably offer resume reviews and interview practice, but they can also help connect you to networking opportunities. Everyone’s experience is different, but when I was a CS student working on getting my first internships and jobs the most important thing was actually getting to talk to recruiters. Find out what meet-and-greets, recruiter panels, student clubs, or employer presentations are happening through your school or that the career advisors know about.


First of all, follow Ariel’s advice.

Secondly, I once wrote up a doc on my thoughts on the difficulties of getting the first job. Some of it may not apply in your situation, but some of it might.

But read Ariel’s advice. It is in the best interest of your university for you to get a job - that makes them look good and they want successful alumni since it is great advertising for them and makes the possibility of continued support from proud and successful alumni. Take as much advantage of that as you can.


Thank you!
I will try to contact people in the next semester and find out about those opportunities.
What should I do in the meanwhile to boost my resume, I am all about learning new skills I am just a bit lost on what the industry needs.

The biggest advice I have for someone who is thinking about applying for jobs is to start working on large, long-term projects. It can be something that you do by yourself because it’s a project that you care about. It can be something that you work on with fellow students. It can be an open source project that you get actively involved with long-term. Having the experience of actually building something that you keep improving, reworking, expanding is a big thing that is missing from people who are doing school projects or learning-exercise projects.


(Hey I am just browsing here and I saw the comments)
Thank you so much! These are valuable advice.

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