First js web app

Im a beginner and i just wanted some advice on how to go about creating my first ever javascript web application. I want to create atleast 4 or 5 so i can then use them to apply for jobs in the future. If anyone has any good resources that they could share with me too I’d be very happy and grateful.

Thank you

Hello, codepen is full of projects where you can find inspiration although have you started the freeCodeCamp curriculum ?
The Front End Libraries Projects are all involving javascript in order to be able to build them up.

Learn the basics of Javascript. Find an API you think is cool and build something with it. Could be something like using the Reddit API to retrieve posts, a weather API to build a weather app, or even using a library like D3.js or Leaflet.js to build a data visualization or map.


I just have a besic understand of javascript atm but when it comes to actually implementing that knowldge on creating a web app thats when i get stuck and i also need to teach myself on how to solve basic and advanced algorithms

Thansk for the advice

I’ll check out the API’s you’ve just recommended and i’ll see what I can do with them. I need to go through them thoroughly and see what iwould work best for me.

I also wanted to know how long would it take for me to learn javascript since i already know how to write in HTML, CSS. I’ve learnt the basics of js but now i need to further my knowledge.