First Live Website..(Feedback Please)

Hey Guys, Soo after I completed some of the front-end projects and assignments, I decided to take a bigger step which is to create a full responsive website for a company just using CSS, HTML and jquery. I decided to do CSS instead of bootstrap because I felt like I needed to learn more in detail about CSS. Sooo, I just released my first live website that I have been working on for a few weeks and I would appreciate any feedback, criticism or comments. I’m planning to keep upgrading this website and I would like to know how I can improve. Here is my website

Thanks guys

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Nice work @JoEaZy it’s simple and direct to the information needed for the viewers tho in the future it would be best to add extra designs. but overall its great!!

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Looking good @JoEaZy! I agree it’s clean and easy to find the most important bits of information for the company.

One thing I might suggest though is when the resolution gets down to the point where the navigation bar collapses into a single line on the home page, it’s not intuitive (at least to me) that this is a menu bar. At first glance it just looks like a header. Off the top of my head you could add maybe the word “menu” there instead or you could use the classic hamburger icon. Anything to denote that this is the site navigation to someone coming to the site.

I noticed on sub pages the entire menu is showing in a column, that’s something you could do on the homepage too. Nothing wrong with that approach either since there’s not a ton of links.

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Will do! Thanks for taking the time to critique my website.

Good points! I appreciate the feedback. Thanks for your time